Like a charm!

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So glad that ink still worked, because now I have another workshop coming up!

Keep in mind that all these workshops are still available in the studio for members to participate in at any time as long as they have a studio pass 🙂

Almost a dozen so far… Be sure to check the event posters for a list of materials to collect.

Hope to have you join me! More info for this event can be found on Eventbrite at,

Let’s see if this still works…


Seriously have to give a shoutout to this product by Speedball Art Products.

I bought this jar of block printing ink over 10 years ago, and the last 5 years it just sat in my closet.

Pulled it out to see if I could prep another workshop with it while doubting it would be anything other than a black brick, and yet to my surprise it worked like a charm!

Spread a little thicker than brand new, but still perfectly good 10 years later… lol… Consider me impressed :)…

Thanks Speedball!