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Only one day left for bids! This piece was created exclusively for submitting to the Pacific Wild auction. Only one print will be made for my own personal collection. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to help support the 2021 campaigns of #pacificwild for our #greatbearrainforest by purchasing an original work of art! ❤

New shop!

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I’ve closed my digital image shop on Etsy, and reopened it with Redbubble.

You can find all my digital art now on some cool merch at,

Feel free to check it out!

Treasures at the river.

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Down at our favourite little river spot I’m always finding these beautiful deposits of minerals in all different colors.

Figured I would collect some today for crushing into pigments.

Most of them are already so crumbly it wouldn’t take much effort.

A bit of black, red, and yellow hues. All so natural and earthy.

Even found some gold flakes that probably aren’t gold, but they sure shimmer when you spread them out.

Might use them to for gold leaf highlights if I can get enough of it.

My mind is racing with ideas…

I wonder what I’ll end up making with it :)…

I’m back!

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Coquihalla Highway, BC, Canada

I need more roadtrips in my life.

Whether its a week or a month it’s never long enough!

There’s nothing like packing up those few essential belongings, and realizing just how much stuff you own that isn’t needed for your happiness.

As long as I got my loved ones, my dog, and clothes on my back then freedom is the bird.

Avalanche area on the Coquihalla Highway

We went from one end of the Okanagan to the other. I know of a few private camps after living there for ten years.

Its always one of my favourite places to go back to.

Joyce Lake, Falkland, BC

Joyce lake was definitely on the list. Just a small little spot out by Falkland. If you blink you’ll miss it, but its perfect to get some fishing in.

The horseflies are terrible, and there were thousands of tadpoles all over the edges of the water, but as soon as we put a hook out we got a big beautiful trout.

Tadpoles at Joyce lake

After that we headed over to Mabel Lake in Kingfisher, and rented a boat from the Rivermouth Marina.

Mabel Lake, BC

New owners from last time we went, but still just as fun.

The water at Mabel is so clear, and there are shallows everywhere. Perfect place for a big adventure with a toddler for sure.

Beached at Mabel Lake

We held fort for a few nights at Mabel Lake Farms where there was a nice cold river next to it, and did some gold panning.

Kingfisher, BC river at Mabel Lake Farms
Gold panning in the river at Mabel Lake Farms

Didn’t find anything, but it was a nice way to spend a hot day for sure.

..and their blueberry pepper jelly is so yum!

I also promised our son a giant waterfall so Margaret Falls was a must.

Margaret Falls, BC

Such a gorgeous hike in. About 1 km both ways. If you ever head up past Salmon Arm be sure to check it out!

To end the week we went to a local lake I had always heard tons about, but never actually visited.

Hidden lake, and boy was it beautiful.

Hidden Lake, Enderby, BC

Very clear water for such a small lake without any creeks, and warm.

It was the kind of water you could wake up, and jump right into first thing in the morning.

Dock at Hidden Lake, BC

I’m going to miss those lakes.

If I could spend a whole summer like this I would. I need more roadtrips…

Now its back to work and the regular hustle of life.

Ahhhh… till next year.

The things I do for my son.

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With his recent fascination over these little buses, and the hefty price of a small set online I decided to give this a try..

Grabbed some toy blocks from his room, got my acrylic out, and got to work.

He already trashed a paper Tayo I made for him.. expected, but boy was he totally heartbroken.

Maybe this one will hold up better.

A bit of clear nail polish to make it waterproof, and hey! It’s Tayo!

Now to do the toddler test. Let’s see how long this one lasts.. lol..

I’m totally obsessed!

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Just means, I love you – in dinosaur :P..

Haha.. I love these little guys. I could draw them so many ways and never get bored.

Here’s another one to add to the collection.

The first of a set, and it’s so cute!

As soon as it’s dry I’m going mixed media all over that watercolor.

Sea foam and salty air.

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I miss the sea.

Doing this workshop today was a bit nostalgic as I blended away thinking of my time in Sinope, Turkey.

The Black Sea, and the local food. All the artisans that came to the docks every evening. I definitely miss it.

Sinope has my heart for sure.

It was nice to do something that brought those memories to mind.

Hosting workshops each week has been a lot of fun, and the finished works are always so pretty.

Gives my family a chance to head out without me, and a chance for me to zen in peace with a little art.

Next week zines! I think I may do something nautical to flow with this theme.

Seaside Blends Workshop on Carla Erk Design.

No words to express.

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I never talk about it… cause really.. who can honestly do anything.. or even wants to.

All there is to do is talk. Nothing changes. You still end up feeling the same in the end, and the things that bring it on always spiral back around to remind you of how miserable you really are, and how hard it is to bottle it up.

…but you keep smiling. Not for yourself, but so you simply don’t inconvenience others by making them feel what you feel, cause that only makes you feel worse.

Its a struggle, and no amount of, “What you need to do is…” or “You need to look at it this way…” will ever help.

It always makes me feel more vulnerable to admit it. I have had depression for over 20 years.

I never talk about it… my social media is always full of all the good things in life.. but some days make me scream inside. #smilingdepression it’s real.

Go with the flow…

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Oh, the joys of painting with a toddler. As I finish one part, and get ready to move to the next like a blink of the eye… tiny little 3 inch hands squishing paint in the middle of it all!


So.. ok.. looks like I’m doing another layer!

..but as she starts to emerge I’m kind of happy with how she looks. She’s really starting to get that “head above the water” feel to her.

Can’t wait to see how she decides to end up. My paintings always seem to have a plan of their own.

This won’t translate…

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Had this idea in my head the last few weeks kind of outside my usual bright and happy creations.

More like a heavy self doubt portrayed by the environment weighing down on a bright Pollyanna.. a feeling I always have when starting something new.. and omg, ugh!

Creative chaos all over my desk, and while it’s starting to look pretty it’s definitely not what I imagined.

…this is gonna take some time. *as I smear it all over in utter frustration*… ahhhh the mess…