Sea foam and salty air.

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I miss the sea.

Doing this workshop today was a bit nostalgic as I blended away thinking of my time in Sinope, Turkey.

The Black Sea, and the local food. All the artisans that came to the docks every evening. I definitely miss it.

Sinope has my heart for sure.

It was nice to do something that brought those memories to mind.

Hosting workshops each week has been a lot of fun, and the finished works are always so pretty.

Gives my family a chance to head out without me, and a chance for me to zen in peace with a little art.

Next week zines! I think I may do something nautical to flow with this theme.

Seaside Blends Workshop on Carla Erk Design.

No words to express.

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I never talk about it… cause really.. who can honestly do anything.. or even wants to.

All there is to do is talk. Nothing changes. You still end up feeling the same in the end, and the things that bring it on always spiral back around to remind you of how miserable you really are, and how hard it is to bottle it up.

…but you keep smiling. Not for yourself, but so you simply don’t inconvenience others by making them feel what you feel, cause that only makes you feel worse.

Its a struggle, and no amount of, “What you need to do is…” or “You need to look at it this way…” will ever help.

It always makes me feel more vulnerable to admit it. I have had depression for over 20 years.

I never talk about it… my social media is always full of all the good things in life.. but some days make me scream inside. #smilingdepression it’s real.

Go with the flow…

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Oh, the joys of painting with a toddler. As I finish one part, and get ready to move to the next like a blink of the eye… tiny little 3 inch hands squishing paint in the middle of it all!


So.. ok.. looks like I’m doing another layer!

..but as she starts to emerge I’m kind of happy with how she looks. She’s really starting to get that “head above the water” feel to her.

Can’t wait to see how she decides to end up. My paintings always seem to have a plan of their own.

New section in the Musings Etsy shop!

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I used to work with these a lot, and just recently picked them up again. Artisan books! Made with original hand-painted covers, and a stitch binding.

More styles coming soon!

You can check them out at,

All media posted within this portfolio is created and owned by Carla Erk 2005-2020, @carlaerkdesign.
All media posted within this portfolio is created and owned by Carla Erk 2005-2020, @carlaerkdesign.

…and GO!

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Introducing my blog page!

I’ve been meaning to add this for a while, but there’s been so much to catch up on that starting a blog hasn’t exactly been at the top of my priorities.

However, it does make a great spot to post shop updates, share news about events, and things I may be up to.

So… Tada!…. Here it is. A new page for a my blog 🙂

Be sure to check back in for recent listings, and more posts as I get a chance to share them.